What do I bring to the Table?


What do I bring to the table?

  • Bring accountability to the Cecil County Republican Party that has been long overdue.
  • Remind Republicans of the principles we represent and should uphold when possible.
  • Help implement, document and standardize common resources for Republican Candidates:
    • Fundraisers techniques.
    • Sign location maps  with contact information
    • current voter lists.
    • help organize sign installation/removal teams.
    • Marketing materials, email resources and organic social media presence in Cecil County.
    • Non bias town hall meetings and debates.  *will not be picking winners and losers.
    • Constructing Press releases to promote the Republican Party.
  • Bring new conservative principled energy to the party.
  • Call out corruption within and external of the Republican Party.
  • REAL leadership for the Grand Ole Party in Cecil County.
  • Our job is to protect the Republican Brand by upholding it’s core principles and to help those who do – succeed.


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