The Gilded age of Cecil County

The Gilded Age of Cecil County

The gilded age in America represented one of the best booms to American industry and yet, one of the worst times for political corruption. Political parties were somewhat diluted on issues. Political parties as time progressed started to define themselves on issues that were important to the party.  History of that time shows a level of political bribery, fraud and corruption that needed to be addressed.

Moving forward from that time we see the moral and ethical fortitude many Republicans possessed to bring about needed changes, changes we value today.  The GOP grew and the system of central committees was a part of the political system. The Republican Party in many ways represents American values that have existed from the founding of our nation.  Several core principles include the protection of property and individual rights, limited government.  An important duty of the GOP is to promote the ideas that best serve our nation and her people and to guard the integrity of the primary process. The duties are to safe guard the values and the process so we as a nation will not slip back to the corruption and confusion that once existed in the gilded age of American politics.

In understanding that these are duties we must face, dictated by history and a commitment to make things better when we pass the torch to the next generation.  American values and the principles that define the GOP need to be adhered to and taught. Its values should be promoted.  The things that we as local GOP members, part of the Republican Central Committee should embrace and implement in Cecil County.

Promote Core Republican values and why it is the best answer for a better America and Cecil County.

  • Limited efficient government
  • Protection of individual rights and property
  • Lower taxes

As a GOP member of the Central committee for Cecil County

  • Preserve the integrity of the county primary voting process
  • Promote GOP principles and the party platform
  • Maintain current voter lists to be available to GOP candidates
  • Maintain and cultivate GOP supporters

To me, principles matter.

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