Hold our public officials accountable

Conservative Cecil County Republican Central Committee

Good schools, safe neighborhoods, and an honest, transparent government. It really isn’t a lot to ask for, and for the last several years we have voted for community leaders who have promised to deliver just that. Unfortunately, we have learned that our politicians are much better at delivering promises than results.

We believed the lies and empty promises in large part because we trusted the institutions in our community. Our local school boards, police unions, and chambers of commerce supplied the endorsements in exchange for political favors, and we the voters supplied the votes. Big Business and special interest provided the funds in exchange for tax breaks and favorable zoning, and we the voters supplied the votes.

Our community is now at a turning point. We can end the coalition between the politicians and the special interest, and hold our public officials accountable. We can end the corruption and restore transparency. We can get back on track and give our community all we wanted in the first place, good schools, safe streets, and a good place to raise a family.

All this can be accomplished by voting for the conservative team in the Maryland Primary Election. It starts with a strong Republican Central Committee!
The Primary Election will be held on July 19th, and Early Voting begins July 7th and ends July 14th

Paid for by Friends of Vincent Sammons, Matt Beers, treasurer.

Conservative Cecil County Republican Central Committee

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