After you win the office based on party support

After a republican wins an election what do they do next?  Remember a lot of people spent a lot of time, efforts and money to get them elected thinking they were supporting someone that would uphold the party principles in most cases.

Recently Cecil County Republicans elected an all republican slate! Were they elected to become nonpartisan or were they elected to uphold the principles of the Republican party in which they ran upon?

The recent article from the Cecil Whig and also hearing these words for myself leads me to believe differently.  Much of the rhetoric is anti-Trump and keep in mind McCarthy had “Republicans for Bowers” [who is a Democrat] signs on many of his properties assuming it was in support. Later they were taken down as other Republican leaders condemned this action.

snippet from the Cecil Whig (12/4/2018)

County Executive Alan McCarthy opened the ceremony with a speech that celebrated those that were being sworn in that day, commenting that they each agreed to take on a momentous task for the next four years.

“This job might appear easy, but our elected officials put in more time than you could ever believe in this job … [it’s] harder than you imagine,” he told the crowd assembled. “It’s important that once elected and sworn in, we do the best we possibly can for our organizations and office to fulfill missions for which we are elected to act in a nonpartisan, and most certainly, in the best interest for all our residents.”

McCarthy also took time to comment on the animosity that has recently plagued politics across the country, noting that “egotistical and questionable attacks on foundational principles” had a lasting and damaging effect on government institutions. He hoped that this “dark cloud” on American ideals of integrity and fair play would pass without tarnishing America’s reputation as a world leader.

“Good government should not be based on who gets the credit, but whether the citizens benefit from decisions that we make and the positions and the stances we take,” he said. “Good government is effective, efficient, transparent, responsive and it’s most certainly accountable.”

You can read the entire article here:

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