Earned Recognition – 2016 Republican of the Year

earned recognition

While I was honored to be sitting next to Lieutenant Governor of Maryland (Boyd Rutherford) as I was bestowed the Republican of the year 2016.

I received this award not by endless selfies with popular political folks, but the hard work on the front lines to help Republicans get elected. I will work hard representing fellow republicans as I have done in the past if elected. While I was quite surprised I received this award at the time, it was earned from hard work in the trenches.

Here are some of the things I have done for the Republican Party in Cecil County:

1. Created the CecilGOP.org website
2. Created Cecil GOP online donation and event/ticket sale (eCommerce)
3. Created the Cecil GOP News-feed/Blog ability
4. Created printed handouts for the Polls for the General Election (This included McCarthy who I did not support).
5. Used my truck, trailer, fuel, technology and time to install hundreds of Republican signs for those who needed help.
6 Created a digital map with sign locations that included notes and contact information.
7. Helped communicate/promote District 35 slate.
8. Created a new Republican club after it was clear the other one was only in it to pick the winner of Primary
9. Fostering meaningful Facebook groups that were sponsored by the “Cecil County Republican Club” that could be later used for unified conservative messaging.
10. Helped on the logistics of the Chicken BBQ and created more efficient processes for future ones.
11. Ran the Cecil County Trump Campaign (recruited volunteers, distributed signs and social media marketing)
12. Help Jackie Gregory with her County Council run.
13. Help Dan Schneckenburger with his County Executive run.

You are able to review the digital footprint online to see the true presence of the Cecil County Republican.

I was working hard for Cecil County Republicans in the community and not pick the winners and losers in the Primary?

A ton of effort went into a solid Republican Messaging non stop for years  and for some Cecil Business Leaders sponsored Blog claiming otherwise disingenuous.

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